Public Administration

Public Security Administration

The study programme allows gaining an interdisciplinary knowledge and skills related to:

  • familiarity with the constitutional system of state institutions and understanding their role in the administration structure of both Poland and other European Union countries,
  • analysis of security issues on local, regional, national and global scale,
  • familiarity with and implementation of law as regards security issues,
  • familiarity with the objectives and operating mechanisms of the various institutions responsible for national and international security as well as their cooperation,
  • using negotiation and mediation techniques applied by public security institutions.


Public Administration
Self-Governmental Administration and Public Finances

The course prepares the graduates for the work at all levels of self-government by providing them with the knowledge and skills related to:

  • micro- and macroeconomics, fundamental for understanding global, regional and local economic development mechanisms;
  • traditional and modern views on and methods of managing business organisations, administration bodies, public institutions and non-profit organisations;
  • regional and local policy;
  • specific issues of managing infrastructure, with emphasis on infrastructure of local self-government;
  • specific issues of local finances, including managing the budget of regional self-government;
  • law;
  • regional self-government correspondence, also in foreign languages;
  • preparation and implementation of structural aid programmes for developing regions and communities;
  • other issues directly or indirectly connected with territorial self-government.